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Super Amanda

Born: May 29, 1978 (1978-05-29) (age 38)
Berkeley, California, USA
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Measurements: 42.5-28-40 in
101-71-101 cm[1][2]
Bra/cup size: 36F (80F)
Boobs: Natural
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m) [1]
Weight: 155 lb (70 kg)
Body type: Average
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Long, Wavy
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Super Amanda is an Italian-American singer, writer and internet personality known for her trained contralto voice, vivacious personality, 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m) Amazonian giantess figure and naturally large breasts. A popular YouTuber [3], her "sexy breast-centric yet never explicit" online music and comedy videos have accrued over 20 million views since her January 2007 debut on YouTube.


SuperAmanda Gun Door.jpg

Super Amanda's style of breast fetishism is based around both modern and vintage cheesecake posing that never goes beyond PG-13 while borrowing from Russ Meyer's Supervixens aesthetic. She measures 42½ inches at the nipples but wears a 36F bra due to her proportionately small ribcage.

In 2006, Super Amanda made a very memorable guest appearance on the live British webcast In the Attic appearing alongside The Who's Pete Townshend. Townshend famously described Super Amanda to Rolling Stone magazine as being "larger than life", while Josh Robertson, associate editor at Playboy, has compared her to legendary Russ Meyer vixen Tura Satana .[4] Super Amanda's ultimate filmmaking goal is to direct a feature film casting nothing but extremely busty women å la Russ Meyer. Her first EP, Kill Switch...Klick featuring Super Amanda for the Seattle based Kustom-Go Records was released on iTunes and Amazon in December 2007. Super Amanda's next EP for Go-Kustom, Hemi Charger, was released in Summer 2008. She also has a cameo in the independent film Hot Rod Girls Save The World.

Super Amanda currently lives in London. While she has no plans as of yet to do porn she will be releasing her first set of nude photos in 2009 when she premieres her personal website. She also maintains a second YouTube account, "BreastloverDD" that highlights her naughtier videos alongside her personal favorite clips of other busty women and breast expansion fetish [2]. Super Amanda is also a certified Pilates instructor, non-profit volunteer and a former nanny.



The following is from a Boobpedia interview with Amanda:

How did you get the name "Super Amanda"?

The name Super Amanda comes from from Russ Meyer's Supervixens, which is one of my most favorite films. EVERYONE who loves big boobs and surrealism has to see it. Meyer chose the names of characters from his earlier films (e.g. Lorna, Eula, Cherry) and then gave them the Nietzschean prefix of "Super" as a tribute to their bra-busting Amazonian power. In a sense Super Amanda is just a larger than life version of myself, and a pop art character that I've developed in that same style. But, at the risk of being confusing, it's not all of what I am or do.
Super Amanda on a video shoot

What inspired you to create your breast-centric pinup clips for YouTube?

YouTube was just the most natural place for me to call home on the web. In January 2007, along with my best friend and fellow Russ Meyer aficionado, Brian Kaz, we decided to see what we could do on the web with a digital camera, zero budget, no nudity, and my boobs. Twenty million hits later I'm very pleased with the results despite my account being unfairly suspended (twice) for bogus copyright violations! Why would I copy anyone?

Do people ever think it's odd for a straight female such as yourself to be so into boobs?

I've been called "breast-obsessed" more than once but as most women of any bust size are interested to some extent in boobs I'm just considered an extremist in my hobby! I really don't analyze why I just enjoy it. Breasts are beautiful. "Bathycolpian" is one of favorite expressions!!!

What are your fans like?

I have wonderful, wonderful fans. They create tribute videos that I get to approve, they fly me to fun places like Sweden and Poland, draw pictures of me, and are exceedingly kind. I'm nothing without my audience. A large percentage are of course men but some of my most devoted fans are women like Soles Girl Rachel, a fellow YouTuber from Canada.
Cover of Kill Switch...Klick EP Killing Machine featuring vocalist Super Amanda
Cover of Kill Switch...Klick EP Hemi Charger featuring vocalist Super Amanda

How and why did you get into working with D.A. Sebasstian and his Seattle-based Go-Kustom Rekords, TV and Films?

I am very fortunate to have connected with D.A. Sebasstian and Go-Kustom productions. D.A. found me on YouTube—he was hoping I was more than just boobs and cheesecake—and I did not let him down. I've been honored to record two EPs for Go-Kustom and to have iTunes and Amazon stores connected to his label.

You make an appearance in the indie film Hot Rod Girls Save the World.

Yes, I make an appearance in the indie film Hot Rod Girls Save the World! D.A set it up so I could have a cameo in the film for which I also sing the theme song. If you like hot chicks watch that film! Plus the requisite Go-Kustom TV interview and a video for "Killing Machine" are also in production. Sebasstian does it all and Hot Rod Girls Save the World is a great film, definitely check it out!

When did your breasts start developing, and what were your initial cup sizes?

I was tall for my age so I always seemed to have an hourglass figure once I hit puberty and I wore a 36C starting at about 12. But as I was a Junoesque teen, I never looked as disproportionate as I wanted to be and I had a VERY strong desire to be much bigger-breasted than I was. Tall women who are very busty are unique so I was much happier once I started growing out as well as up. I gradually kept growing from D to DD and then an E until recently when they became a full F. I have the "Energizer tits"—they keep growing and growing...

What are some of your personal preferences in men?

Men have to be very kind, generous (because I am), unencumbered, have serious stamina and be willing to not hold grudges as well as being ardent lovers of both boobs and ass. My man is number one with a bullet at all of the above.

Who are your influences?

Tura Satana and Sophia Loren of course! Anita Ekberg, The Runaways, The Who, The Sex Pistols, Uma Thurman, Raquel Welch, Judy Garland, Uschi Digard, Pam Grier, Monty Python, Alan Bennett, Paul Robeson, The Stones, Nick Lowe, Oliver Reed, Ken Russell, Russ Meyer, Gina Lollobrigida and Jane Russell.
Super Amanda 2.jpg

Which fellow busty woman do you admire?

I'm a huge fan of the Brits, they just have the most amazing all natural huge boobs and the sweetest faces. Michelle Marsh, and Lorna Morgan, especially. Rachel Aldana is pretty awesome too, I would love to be a K cup for a week. Sam Fox and June Wilkinson will always be hot as well and Kelly Brook and Keeley are about as good as it gets—almost too perfect to be believable. Eastern Euro cuties Ewa Sonnet, Bea Flora and Jana Defi are also stunning. I also love Playboy centerfolds such as Kim Kardashian and of course the classics such as Cynthia Myers and Janet Lupo. I love Fuko too!

Did your love of British glamour culture inspire you to move there?

They love busty and curvy women in Great Britain, which is why I live there. Tits and ass in a variety of sizes are a national institution but sadly, so is the skinny coke hag!

Do you have any interesting personal stories or on-the-set experiences?

I'm ridiculously picky about who takes my photos and who owns the rights. I'm a control freak, which is not always good. Fans often complain that I need more professional shoots and they are of course right. Many of my photos and videos are completely amateurish but I need to make money from my images as so much on the Internet is already there for free. All of my better photos shoots I have either shot myself, or were shot by close friends like Cliff Malloy, who is a professional and lets me keep the negatives. During one daylight shoot at a university my bike tire was stolen—and Cliff and I actually got it back! Long story.

We hear that you are finally releasing nude photos and planning to do porn, is that true?

I'm doing nude studies in 2009 yes, but porn? No, porn is not something I'm interested in doing. My partner will be taking all the current nudes for my personal website, which will premiere sometime in 2009. I may work with a professional photographer on the site as well. The other nudes will be private photos that I've had taken of myself since I was 19.

How do you like your boobs? Do you love or hate being a big breasted woman?

I obviously really love my boobs, I'm very fortunate because I'm fairly big AND very firm going into my 30's which is why I'm always accused of having implants. Sometimes I really would love to be bigger, like a full G or even an H but naturally I've settled at an F cup. I am very statuesque so I could proportionally pull off a GIANT pair if I ever chose or had to. I loved Anna Nicole Smith's first set—they were top shelf. Rest in peace.

What is your ultimate goal in being Super Amanda?

I have a few ongoing politcal groups and social justice projects that have nothing to do with boobs and Super Amanda but as far as that is concerned I will definitly be making films featuring busty women that will resurrect the cinema of Russ Meyer in the future. I dislike how much hardcore porn and airhead Paris Hilton skank antics have become a part of mainstream pop culture. If you read inteviews with Raquel Welch or Sophia Loren, they are miles ahead of most of today's sex symbols when it comes to being articulate and intelligent. Listening to Paris Hilton or Tila Tequila is just sad, they have nothing to say apart from the next blowjob and the next outfit—zero intellect and no desire to evolve. I also want to prove that the mystery and charm of soft core and old-school cheesecake is still the sexiest way to go. Porn and even XXX hardcore has it's place but not in the mainstream. I also plan to record more music and keep performing. I live to be on stage.



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Super Amanda with Hot Rod Heidi

Super Amanda and her favorite hairspray
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