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Ami Ayukawa

Ami Ayukawa
Born: February 18, 1981 (1981-02-18) (age 37)[1]
Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 90-60-86 cm
35-23-34 in
Bra/cup size: E metric
Boobs: Natural
Height: 1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight: 47 kg (103 lb)
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Black
Blood group: A
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal
Solo: Masturbation
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal

Ami Ayukawa (鮎川あみ - Ayukawa Ami), (born February 18, 1981) in the vicinity of the border between Western Tokyo and the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan) is a Japanese AV Idol who began starring in pornographic movies in 1999. Often referred to as an "AV Queen,"[2][3][4][5] she has worked for both "pro" studios and independent companies like Moodyz and Wanz Factory.[6] She is highly regarded by fans for her energetic passion and thrashing during sex; often portrayed as a submissive character. Active mainly during the early 2000s, she has been called "the best actress in AV history."[2][7]


Ayukawa made her AV debut in November of 1999 with the Tiffany label.[8] Her debut with the Samantha company's MAX-A label was in the August 2000 cosplay-themed video, Scanties.[9] Ayukawa's entry in MAX-A's The Confined Bodydolls series, subtitled Ami on Verge of Breakdown! (November 2000), ventured into the more "hardcore" realms of S&M and bondage.[10]

In May of 2001 she made Cos-Para, her first video with Atlas. Among the attire Ayukawa donned in this cosplay video, was that of a nurse, a female ninja, a bunny, and Barbie.[2] Her Alice Japan video Sexy Butt (June 2001) again had Ayukawa in the cosplay genre, this time in the framework of a story in which she played the role of a daydreaming office lady.[11]

MAX-A chose Ayukawa to star in the first entry in their Witch-Hunt series, released in August of 2001. This new video series was built around the concept of the question, "Is she an angel or a witch?" The quest for the answer to that question serves as a narrative framework for Ayukawa to endure torture, rape, and assorted other humiliations.[12] Back with the MAX-A label in September of 2001, Ayukawa starred in Sexy Widow, in which she plays the titular character, a sex-hungry widow.[13] Splash: Wet Mermaid (December 2001), for the same label, has Ayukawa in the role of a mermaid seeking love.[14]

Ayukawa's "long beautiful legs" were the star attraction of her January 2002 Atlas release, Stocking Lovers.[3] By February of that year, Ayukawa was one of the top AV idols of the time. Her video Legend, while also "hardcore", included documentary features of the actress talking about her AV career.[15] She was featured at Tokyo Topless, Japan's longest-running and most successful big-bust website, twice.[16]

Interviewed by Asahi Geino, and reprinted in an October 2001 Mainichi Shimbun news story on mishaps in the Japanese AV industry, Ayukawa said that her "most horrific experience" in the profession involved a simulated rape scene. The actress explained, "During our pre-shoot meeting, the director told me he'd make sure I was all right, so I wasn't that worried. But then, suddenly, this guy grabbed me by the hair and started dragging me along the floor. Then he began choking me so hard I could barely breathe. I was almost unconscious. I screamed out for help and started crying, but not one person came across to save me. When the scene ended, I was black and blue. The director came over to me and said, 'That was a good scene. It almost looked like the real thing.'"[17]

In August of 2006, Atlas released three of Ayukawa's videos on one DVD as a retrospective of her career.[18]

Partial filmography

Video title[19] Company Director Release date
New Sensual Princess - Chapter 8
新・官能姫 第8章[8]
Tiffany . November 26, 1999
Lecherous Amigo! Tiffany . December 25, 1999
Temptation of Nipples Tiffany . January 27, 2000
Yurisagi Home Tutor 14 Miss Christine . February 25, 2000
The Real Samm . May 27, 2000
Play with my Beautiful Tits Samm . June 26, 2000
The Document Samm . July 31, 2000
Scanties Samansa/MAX-A Tatsuya Aoki August 14, 2000
Sukesuke Race Queen Miss Christine . August 25, 2000
Body Sonic Samansa/MAX-A Taira Takano September 29, 2000
The Confined Bodydolls
Samansa/MAX-A Fuyuhiko Shimamura VHS:November 21, 2000
DVD:June 21, 2002
Ami Ayukawa DX
DVD containing Scanty and BODY SONIC
MAX-A . January 19, 2001
Be Smeared With Semen Lecher Doll Shy . January 28, 2001
No More Sex Shy . February 22, 2001
Female Teacher Hunt: Ami Ayukawa
女教師狩り in 鮎川あみ
Samansa/MAX-A Yukihiko Shimamura March 30, 2001
Reverse Soap Heaven
Babylon/Alice Japan Shigeo Katsuyama April 20, 2001
COS-PARA Atlas21 Yukihiko Shimamura May 21, 2001
Sexy Butt
Alice Japan Hidekazu Takahara June 29, 2001
Inhumanity/The Give Up Human Being
Babylon/Alice Japan Kunihiro Hasegawa July 24, 2001
The Witch-Hunt
MAX-A Yukihiko Shimamura VHS:August 31, 2001
DVD:January 25, 2002
Sexy Teacher Hunt Special
女教師狩り Special
MAX-A . September 21, 2001
The Bubbly Heaven
DVD containing The Bubbly Heaven and Sexy Butt
. . September 21, 2001
Sexy Widow
Samansa/MAX-A Katsuya Taguchi September 25, 2001
Uncensored Vip . October 19, 2001
Taboo Samansa/MAX-A Yukihiko Shimamura November 27, 2001
Samansa/MAX-A Hitoshi Osamaru December 28, 2001
Stocking Lovers
Atlas21 Yukihiko Shimamura VHS:January 18, 2002
DVD:November 28, 2003
Sexy Butt CLIMAX
女尻CLIMAX 7th
Alice Japan . February 15, 2002
LEGEND Atlas21 Kei Morikawa February 22, 2002
Hard Candy
Samansa/MAX-A Yukihiko Shimamura March 29, 2002
MORE MAX III MAX-A . April 19, 2002
Illegal Tits Violation 11
不法侵乳 11
Samansa/MAX-A Taira Takano April 30, 2002
Erotic Beauty
艶 [ EMBI ] 美
Atlas21 . May 17, 2002
Nasty Play
MAX-A . May 24, 2002
Samansa/MAX-A Yukihiko Shimamura May 31, 2002
Bubbly Heaven Special Charter 6
逆ソープ天国貸切スペシャル 6
Alice Japan Usagi Kanda June 14, 2002
Erotic Mouth
Samansa/MAX-A Yukihiko Shimamura June 21, 2002
アトラス GORGEOUS 2002
Atlas21 Tsukasa Hashimoto July 15, 2002
Get Ready! Samansa/MAX-A Yoshiho Fukuoka July 23, 2002
Sexy Butt Climax 6
女尻クライマックス 6
Alice Japan . August 9, 2002
COS-PARA Special Atlas21 Tsukasa Hashimoto August 9, 2002
VIP Value Pack
VIP . August 23, 2002
The Cold Moon
Samansa/MAX-A Taira Takano August 27, 2002
M.V.P. Vol.3 VIP Chian Kurisu August 30, 2002
MAX-File Ami Ayukawa
MAX-File 鮎川あみ
DVD containing Sexy Teacher Hunt, TABOO, and the vanishing
MAX-A . September 20, 2002
Bubbly Heaven Special Erect 5
逆ソープ天国スペシャルエレクト 5
Alice Japan . September 27, 2002
Samansa/MAX-A Yukihiko Shimamura September 27, 2002
Deep Blue Samansa/MAX-A Yukihiko Shimamura October 25, 2002
Samansa/MAX-A Katsuya Taguchi November 26, 2002
MAX-A Anniversary 3 MAX-A . December 6, 2002
BIG BUST CLUB Vol.2 Atlas21 Tsukasa Hashimoto January 17, 2003
Inhumanity File Vol. 5
人間廃業ファイル VOL.5
Alice Japan Usagi Kanda February 14, 2003
Blue File Ami Ayukawa
ブルーファイル 鮎川あみ II
DVD release of four Ayukawa videos
MAX-A . February 21, 2003
Wild Thing 8 Momotaro . April 11, 2003
The Bondage
Atlas21 Tsukasa Hashimoto May 14, 2003
Costume Play Collection
MAX-A Max Nakamoto July 22, 2003
Ami Ayukawa in Hypnotic Fuck
Cosmos Plan . August 22, 2003
Wild Thing 26 Momotaro . September 2003
Precious/ Ami Ayukawa
秘蔵 鮎川あみ
Samansa/MAX-A Taira Takashima March 30, 2004
For The Best Onanie Of You Moodyz Killer . April 1, 2004
The Perfect AV! 4 Hours of Big Breasts Idol
VIP . July 23, 2004
The Perfect AV! Costume Play Idol 4 Hours
VIP . August 13, 2004
Bondage Girls
Atlas21 . September 30, 2004
Naughty Girls In the Wild Momotaro . August 20, 2004
TABOO HARD MIX MAX-A Toshio March 29, 2005
Ami Ayukawa HISTORY
Atlas21 Taro Matsumoto VHS:August 23, 2006
DVD:August 28, 2006
Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
XV-1192.jpg '
乱れた聖職者 噂のズリマン女教師
(Midareta seishoku-sha uwasa no zuriman jokyōshi)
February 28, 2014 Max-A
Tina Yuzuki
Yua Aida
Ami Ayukawa
Aino Kishi
Akiho Yoshizawa
Yaya Kozuki
Misa Shinozaki
Nana Ogura
Ryoko Mitake
Noa Kasumi


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