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The Tokyo Topless (東京トップレス) website was started on March 27, 1995 by webmaster and photographer Takao Kudo (工藤隆男 - Kudo Takao), and, according to the site, was the first adult site in Asia. It specializes in original erotic images, primarily of Japanese women, who possess prominent bustlines. Models who have appeared therein include Marina Matsushima, Mariko Morikawa, Miki Sawaguchi, Fuko (then known as "Love"), and Russian model Yulia Nova. It is the most successful non-commercial website in Tokyo.[1]

Tokyo Topless models

Current models

  • Amu Ueto (上戸あむ) T156 B99(66J) W62 H90[2]
  • Asano (麻野) T159 B100(75G) W64 H88
  • Kira Namikaze (波風きら) T156 B103(I) W65 H98
  • Milk (ミルク) T151 B100(75I) W63 H90
  • Ran (蘭) T150 B107(75I) W65 H90
  • Rina Uozumi (魚住里奈) T152 B100(70H) W60 H88
  • Sayuri (さゆり) T154 B111(80J) W67 H96
  • Sumire (すみれ) T154 B95(65H) W56 H83
  • Tomoko Morishita (森下智子) T160 B94(70G) W62 H88

Fuzoku models

  • Aki (あき) T160 B86(65E) W57 H82
  • Akira (あきら) T160 B95(70H) W59 H88
  • Alice (ありす) T152 B84(64F) W58 H83
  • Ami (あみ) T158 B95(65I) W59 H87
  • Anju (あんじゅ)T153 B98(65H) W58 H84
  • Anna (杏奈) T165 B98(65I) W58 H88
  • Aoi Ookubo (大久保あおい) T154 B108(75H) W63 H94
  • Arisa (ありさ) T160 B105(70J) W60 H86
  • Aya (あや) T165 B120(80K) W71 H95
  • Aya Misaki (美咲 彩) T162 B123(75L) W65 H98
  • Aya Sakai (酒井あや) T151 B100(70H) W63 H83
  • Ayano Tachibana (橘あやの) T158 B96(72H) W60 H86
  • Chihiro (ちひろ) T160 B100(I) W60 H90
  • Ellen Jo (城エレン) T164 B124(80N) W65 H90
  • Hagawa (羽川) T165 B95(70H) W60 H93
  • Haruka (はるか) T147 B100(65I) W63 H88
  • Hime (ひめ) T149 B135(95L) W90 H119
  • Hiromi Kishikawa (岸川ひろみ) T169 B110(75J) W68 H98
  • Julia (じゅりあ) T160 B93(G) W59 H86 Model:
  • Kaho Koizumi (小泉かほ) T160 B90(65G) W59 H88
  • Kawano (河野 / かわの) T154 B99(73G) W60 H89
  • Koyuki (こゆき) T166 B89(67G) W60 H88
  • Kyoko Mizutani (水谷響子) T148 B99(I) W60 H86
  • Lime (来夢 / らいむ) T164 B93(65G) W60 H90
  • Mao (真央 / まお) T148 B98(75G) W59 H82
  • Mayu Hirose (廣瀬繭) T168 B103(65J) W58 H85
  • Miki Sawaguchi (沢口みき) T161 B101(J) W60 H87
  • Milk (ミルク) T151 B100(75I) W63 H90
  • Mio (みお) T155 B95(65G) W60 H85
  • Misaki (美咲) T163 B121(75K) W75 H98
  • Miyabi Hayama (葉山雅 / はやまみやび) T160 B141(95M) W88 H110
  • Miyu (みゆ)T160 B99(65J) W61 H88
  • Mutsumi (むつみ) T155 B98 W58 H83
  • Nanako Yamasaki (山咲ななこ) T166 B88(65E) W57 H86
  • Ran (蘭) T150 B107(75I) W65 H90
  • Ranran Manaka (真中らんらん) T150 B102(70J) W62 H85
  • Reina Inaba (稲葉レイナ) T160 B82(62E) W53 H82
  • Riku (りく) T157 B97(70I) W60 H85
  • Ryo Kodama (児玉りょう) T160 B110(80J) W80 H112
  • Sara (サラ) aka Eimi Tsukino T154 B105(75J) W63 H95
  • Sayuri (さゆり) T154 B111(80J) W67 H96
  • Shion (しおん) T160 B110(I) W68 H96
  • Shiori (詩織) T155 B98(65I) W58 H83
  • Takechiyo (竹千代) T152 B91(70E) W58 H84
  • Yuki Aoyama (青山ゆき) T159 B95(70H) W60 H90
  • Yuki Takaoka (高岡ゆき) T159 B98(73I) W65 H97
  • Yumeno (夢野) T159 B95(68G) W59 H85
  • Yuuki (結城) T153 B92(70F) W58 H82 Model:

AV idols

Other models

Non-Japanese models

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