Lynn McCrossin

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Lynn McCrossin

Lynn McCrossin
Also known as: PecPanther
Born: June 15, 1958(1958-06-15)
Caribou, Maine, US
Died: June 17, 2015 (aged 57)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Measurements: 38-26-36
Bra/cup size: E  (same as DD cup)
Height: 5 ft 1.5 in (1.56 m)
Weight: 135 lb (61 kg)
Body type: Muscular
Hair: BrunetteBlonde
Underarm hair: Shaved
Pubic hair: Shaved
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal
Solo: Masturbation
Lesbian: Softcore
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal
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Lynn McCrossin (born June 15, 1958, in Caribou, Maine, USA; died June 17, 2015) was a model, porn star and bodybuilder.


"I presently live in Fountain Hills, Arizona, a beautiful community surrounded by mountains and golf courses, 20 minutes northeast of Phoenix.
"I am a country girl by every definition of the word. I was born on 06/15/** (a mature woman never discloses her age) in Caribou, Maine. Caribou is a small city in the northernmost regions of Maine, often the coldest record breaking temperatures in the USA.
"I was always very active as a child to say the least. Being a tomboy, I played the drums all through school and hung out with the guys most of the time. I preferred to played sports with the boys as well, the girls were just not in my league of natural athletic abilities. My favored sports were basketball, baseball, and track.
"Since the age of 16, I was compulsively obsessed with exercise of some form. It was my emotional outlet for dealing with life. Before bodybuilding I was a long distance runner until my knees gave me too much trouble. I then switched to biking...not your normal bike ride...I would bike anywhere from 30 to 60 miles in a day. At one time my goal was to be in the Tour de France. I was a very lean 'little' yet strong girl. I also loved boating, fishing, canoeing (entered river races), enjoyed cross country skiing in the long winter months as well as snowmobiling, and entered many arm wrestling contests for the fun of it. Being from such a small rural community one has to amuse themselves somehow!
"My male cousin, who I hung out with much of the time, introduced me to weights January 1st, 1979. I was hooked from the first set of benches! He was amazed at how strong such a teeny girl was; being strong willed I saw the weights as a constant challenge, of which I welcome in my life to keep me going. I became obsessed with learning as much as I could about bodybuilding, despite the fact that from where I was from, guys did not even pump much iron up there, so I was always considered a young lady with a very unique character. I was dedicated from the start.
"To gain my community's approval as well as my family, I was driven to prepare myself to ensure that I would WIN my very first show and I DID! Thus set the fever.
"I entered my first show in August 1984 winning Ms. Old Orchard Beach Overall. Soon after that I moved to southern Maine, partly because I wanted to be around more people like myself and train with updated equipment. I soon became the woman to look out for on the East Coast.
"From 1984 to 1986 I entered nine state and regional shows:
  • AAU 1984 Ms. Old Orchard Beach - Overall
  • AAU 1985 Ms. Maine - 2nd place lightweight
  • AAU 1985 Ms. Northern New England - Overall
  • AAU 1985 Ms. East Coast - 1st Place lightweight
  • AAU 1985 Ms. North East - Overall
  • AAU 1985 Maine Muscle Classic - Overall
  • AAU 1985 Ms. North America - 1st Place Lightweight
  • NPC 1986 New England - 2nd place lightweight
  • NPC 1986 South Jersey - 3rd place lightweight
"I was training for the Nationals of '86 when I had a serious disabling back injury. The injury Was a blessing in disguise, as it slowed me down a bit and I finally became a MOM!!!!! I was never happier. I have two loving, incredible and fabulous children. My daughter Lyndsay is 17, and my son Nick is 15. Being a mom never deterred my training. I had to be flexible in my schedule, but they were never an inhibiting factor. I enjoyed including the kids in my training. They even learned how to count by counting my reps with me and they also had a blast when I would set them on my feet and shoulders to leg press and squat them. I hit the stage again in 1994 after children.
  • NPC 1994 Ms. Maine - 2nd Place lightweight
  • NPC 1995 Ms. Old Orchard Beach - 2nd place lightweight
  • NPC 1997 Ms. Maine - Overall
  • NPC 1997 Ms. New England - Overall
  • NPC 1997 Nationals - 8th Place lightweight
  • NPC 1998 USA - 11th Lightweight
  • NPC 1998 Nationals - 8th place lightweight
"In 1998 I felt that I was overlooked. It would have been devastating for me but with much encouragement from people like Steve Neese, Robert and Denise Masino, Rick Semple of WPW, Nicole Bass, and many of my wonderful fans, I held my pride.
"Since '98 I have jumped a whole weight class, but have chosen not to compete as I have had much to take care of with my career and future aspirations. Competing is just another stress factor that would have gotten in the way. I hope to hit the stage again in the near future as my path in life is finally coming together.
"For many years I worked in various settings in the mental health field, substance abuse counselor, therapeutic recreational specialist, crisis intervention and also child development for emotioanlly disturbed children. Since helping others was already embedded in my nature, personal training became just as rewarding and I moved in that direction which led to 15 years as a personal trainer.
"In 1997 I began making videos and as the job offers for photo shoots and videos increased, I decided to go full force and end the personal training so I could begin my own website and productions. I am owner of which has become very successful with the assistance of my principal photographer and web designer, Richard Creaturo. We also have a video theatre as well as the Den's Premiers Productions. My next addition will soon be (if not already, depending when you read this) a live webcam private chat option, as well as a weekly hourly Live Gym show, so my fans can watch me work out in my home gym for real.)
"I stay hard and lean year round to be readily available for my freelance modeling, video and film projects that keep me busy and more 'out there' for you. :-)
"Shortly after my projects are all under way and I hire more and more models for the site, I will begin my own in-home personal training company. I like to give people that special attention they deserve and I have truly missed training others... young to old... lean to obese... beginner to athlete... I love it all...but I do have a big soft spot in helping the elderly... as I age the PecPanther site WILL continue on as I give other girls that opportunity to market themselves and help them on their way... I will truly be a den 'mother' and know I will enjoy that as much as I enjoy performing for you all presently!

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