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Kyoko Ayana

Kyoko Ayana
Born: April 15, 1981 (1981-04-15) (age 36)[1]
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Years active: 2001-2003
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 93-59-89 cm
37-23-35 in
Bra/cup size: F metric
Boobs: Natural
Height: 1.54 m (5 ft +12 in)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lb)
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Brown
Hair: BlackBrown
Pubic hair: Black
Blood group: A
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal
Solo: Masturbation
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal

Kyoko Ayana (彩名杏子 - あやな きょうこ - Ayana Kyoko, born April 15, 1981) in Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture, is a Japanese AV Idol who debuted in 2001.[1] Described as a "shy girl with F-cup boobs,"[2] after nearly three years in the field, by 2004 Ayana was being called "the top idol of AV."[3] According to Peter Payne, founder of the Japanese popular culture site, J-List,[4] Ayana had "claimed Japan's top big breast idol spot."[5]


Kyoko Ayana F.jpg

There are two types of AV studios in Japan, the "pros" and the "indies." The "pro" companies work with Sof-Rin, the Japanese Software Morality Association. Sof-Rin sets rules and guidelines for what can be shown in AVs.[6] According to Payne, the "indies" companies have greater freedom, and are able to get the best directors and produce a better product.[7] Ayana has worked with a variety of companies, primarily with the "indies" such as Moodyz, but also with big labels Alice Japan, KUKI, Cosmic Plan and TMA.

Alice Japan (August - December 2001)

Ayana made her debut in the August 2001 Alice Japan video, Tawawa.[8][2] In this video and some of her later videos, such as Boobies (September, 2001), and TRY 1.2.3!, the shyness of Ayana's performance was remarked upon.[9][10] The later video, Ayana's fourth, had the model experimenting with new sexual experiences, including her first masturbation.[10] Ayana's December 2001 release, Memory of Love, was directed by prominent Japanese big-bust AV auteur and photographer, Akira Takatsuki. This documentary-style video dealt with Ayana's sex life as a high school girl.[11]

KUKI (January - March 2002)

In January of 2002, Ayana released the first of her three original AVs with the KUKI company. All three were directed by Hidehito Aki. For her first video with the company, Ayana was chosen to star in the first entry in their Big Breast Aliens video series.[12] Illusion of F-cup, released in February, focused on breast fetishism.[13] The third video, Wet & Wild (March 2002) had Ayana engaging in sex with actors at a hotel and onsen.[14] These three 60-minute VHS released were combined onto one DVD entitled The Idol Kyoko Ayana and released by KUKI in April of 2002.[15]

Kyoko Ayana E.jpg

Cosmos Plan (April - December 2002)

Ayana's April 2002 debut with Cosmos Plan had her playing the titular role in the video Waitress with Big Breasts.[16] In May she starred in an entry in the company's "hardcore" Fallen Angel series.[17] Her work in this video was combined with that of fellow AV idol Kokoro Amano in the series' November 2002 omnibus release, Fallen Angel X 2002DX.[18] The following month she appeared with the award-winning AV idol, Ai Kurosawa, in the December omnibus release, Big Breasts 240 minutes.[19]

TMA (December 2003 - October 2004)

In December of 2003, Ayana moved to the TMA company. Before starring in a video for TMA, she appeared in another omnibus video, The Big and Extreme Breasts Premium II. The video again teamed Ayana with Ai Kurosawa. Fellow big-bust AV stars, Anna Ohura and Mai Haruna also appeared in this collection.[20] Her starring debut for the company, Big Breast Fetish Angle/Kyoko Ayana, was released the same month.[21] Her second starring video for TMA had her working in the popular cosplay genre of AVs.[22]

Selected filmography

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
TWV-051s.jpg The Big and Extreme Breasts Premium II
巨乳極乳 PREMIUM 2
(Kyonyū gyokunyū premium 2)
December 12, 2003[23][24] TMA
Nao Oikawa
Ai Kurosawa
Kyoko Ayana
Anna Ohura
Nana Kawashima
Sakurako Kaoru
Haruna Mai
TMA Big and Extreme Breasts series
TWV-082s.jpg Charisma Idol Best Collection: Ultimate Edition
カリスマアイドル BEST COLLECTION 至高版
(Charisma idol Best Collection: shikōhan)
May 7, 2004[25] TMA / TMA Works
Kyoko Ayana
Marina Matsushima
Marimo Asou
Sakurako Kaoru
MMDV-278s.jpg Big Tits X Bomber Boobs: 8 Hours 100 Rounds
(Kyounyuu X bakunyuu 8 jikan 100 renbatsu)
June 25, 2004[26] Crystal Eizou
Anna Ohura
Arisu Hoshi
Youko Takashima
Ai Kurosawa
Kyoko Ayana
Mariko Itsuki
Mayu Koizumi
Marina Matsushima
Chinami Nioka
Sonomi Fukuhara
Sakurako Kaoru
Aki Tomosaki
Mai Haruna
Big Tits X Bomber Boobs series
SBB-033s.jpg Big Tit Paizuri 4-Hour Special
(Kyonyū paizuri 4 jikan special)
June 13, 2007[27] Marx Brothers
Yumi Kazama
Anna Komukai
Hotaru Akane
Kyoko Ayana
Sakura Sena
Chiharu Mizushima
Aya Shirayuki
Yui Kazuki
Video title[28] Company Director Release date
Alice Japan Kazuhito Kuramoto VHS:August 31, 2001
DVD:November 22, 2001
Boobies Alice Japan Yuji Sakamoto September 28, 2001
Alice Japan Yuji Sakamoto VHS:October 30, 2001
DVD:February 8, 2002
Try 1.2.3! Alice Japan Kazuhide Arai November 20, 2001
Cream Melon
DVD release of Boobies
Alice Japan Yuji Sakamoto December 21, 2001
Memory of Love
Alice Japan Akira Takatsuki December 25, 2001
The Big Breast Aliens
the おっぱい星人
KUKI Hideto Aki January 24, 2002
Kyoko Ayana Special
DVD containing TRY 1.2.3! & Memory of Love
Alice Japan Kazuhide Arai
Akira Takatsuki
February 22, 2002
Illusion of F-cup
KUKI Hideto Aki February 23, 2002
Wet & Wild
KUKI Hidehito Aki March 19, 2002
Waitress with Big Breasts
Cosmos Plan Kazuhisa Aizome April 12, 2002
The Idol Kyoko Ayana
The Idol 彩名杏子
DVD containing The Big Breast Aliens, Illusion of F-cup, and Wet & Wild
KUKI Hideto Aki April 19, 2002
Fallen Angel X
Cosmos Plan Daimei Kurata May 12, 2002
Ultra Mix Kyoko Ayana
DVD containing Waitress with Big Breasts & Fallen Angel X
Cosmos Plan Kazuhisa Aizome
Daimei Kurata
July 27, 2002
Fallen Angel X 2002DX
堕天使X 2002DX
Cosmos Plan Daimei Kurata November 10, 2002
Big Breasts 240 minutes
Cosmos Plan . December 20, 2002
Cosmos 2002 FINAL DX
宇宙企画 2002 FINAL DX
Cosmos Plan Asao Takai December 29, 2002
TMA The Big and Extreme Breasts Premium II
巨乳極乳プレミアム II
TMA . December 12, 2003
Big Breast Fetish Angle/Kyoko Ayana
巨乳フェチアングル 彩名杏子
TMA . December 20, 2003
Cos-Play/ Kyoko Ayana
彩名杏子 コスプレ
TMA . January 30, 2004
Instinct/ Kyoko Ayana
本能 彩名杏子
TMA . February 27, 2004
Nonstop / Kyoko Ayana
TMA . May 21, 2004
Nonstop Uniform Idol 4 Hours
TMA . August 6, 2004
Cosmos Tied-up AngelDX
Cosmos Plan Masaru Yamanishi September 12, 2004
Special Hand Held Camera Shooting 2 Hours
TMA . October 15, 2004
Action! Huge Tits Girls 4 Hours!! 2
DVD collection including Tawawa
Alice Japan . July 15, 2005
Ultimate Reverse Soap!
Kasakura Publishing Rio Kubo VHS:April 21, 2006
DVD:April 28, 2006



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