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Busty Heart

Busty Heart 04.jpg
Born: May 9, 1961 (1961-05-09) (age 57)
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Years active: 1986-present
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Measurements: 46-22-36 in (116-55-91 cm)
Bra/cup size: H
Boobs: Enhanced[1]
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Weight: 120 lb (55 kg)
Body type: Average
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Long, Wavy
Underarm hair: Shaved
Shown: Topless
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Busty Heart (born May 9, 1961 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA) is a former exotic dancer, and current owner of her own strip club, Busty Heart's Place, in Turtlepoint, Pennsylvania. She has 38H cup breasts, which weigh 20 lbs each,[2] and a 46-inch bust. Aside from her dancing career, she is best known as the unofficial mascot of the Boston Celtics basketball team during their 1986 championship playoffs.


Busty Heart

Being already well-developed in high school, she was given the nickname Busty by her classmates. The name calling didn't stop until her father pulled her out of public school and enrolled her at Dana Hall, an all-girls prep school.[3] Her parents, who are a retired IBM executive and a public school art teacher, are proud of her vocation. Shy from the constant leering and teasing, Busty always tried to hide her anatomy, that is, until she was 18 and vacationing in Jamaica with her mother and sister. Her mother encouraged her to enter a wet T-shirt contest, her first public appearance,[4] and she easily won. After graduating from Pine Manor College, she worked as a court officer in a Boston probation office, then as a paralegal for three years. Finally she took up exotic dancing, the one profession where she didn't have to hide her assets.[2][5]

In 1997, a club in Belleville, Illinois, where Busty Heart appeared was sued by a patron for negligence, claiming that her breasts being slammed into his "neck and head region" gave him a "bruised, contused, lacerated" neck.[6] The case was dismissed due to lack of evidence by the plaintiff Bennie Casson, in St. Clair County Courthouse of Bellville, Illinois.

Busty has never done porn, nor adult magazine spreads, because "it's just not me".[7]

Rise to fame

During the 1986 National Basketball Association playoff series between the Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks, a CBS camera zoomed in for a shot of college star John Salley. The camera, however, lingered on Busty Heart, who was sitting in the next seat, prompting play-by-play announcer Brent Musburger to utter: "Which one's the potential number 1 draft choice?"[8] Nearby fans cheered for Salley to stand up, but he didn't hear. Instead, Busty emerged from her seat and, "with a mighty swing of her hip, set her mammaries in motion".[3] Radio host Jonny Most was forced to explain the huge roar in the stands to his audience, "Well fans, there seems to be this, ahh, well, rather well-endowed woman who is creating quite a commotion in the stands. It's quite bizarre."[3]

Busty Heart

The next day, local media started a hunt to find out who was the blonde who stole the show. A Boston radio station offered a prize to anyone who could identify her. Busty's brother phoned in, but the hosts didn't believe him. Someone finally figured out where she lived and called her house. She immediately became an overnight sensation in Boston.[3]

Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Fratello blamed Busty Heart for his team's loss in game 2, as she sat directly across from the Hawk's bench during that game.[9] Asked about why his team lost, Fratello replied, "We lost because we were distracted. We were distracted by that woman sitting in the front row."[3] Even Celtics coach K.C. Jones had some trouble calling a play for star Larry Bird, "I (K.C.) tried to show the play, but he had his mouth open and was staring toward the stands. When I finally got his attention, he just looked at me and said, 'Not now, K.C.'."[8]

Local media dubbed Busty Heart the unofficial mascot of the Celtics, and she was widely sought after for television, radio, and newspaper interviews. At the victory celebration after the Celtics won the championship, half a dozen police officers had to protect her from clutching admirers.[10]

Publicity stunts

Always a masterful publicist, Busty Heart has orchestrated numerous stunts to increase her fame.

As part of her stage act in 1990, she picked up Budweiser products - without using her hands. Since Busty only used Anheuser-Busch products, everyone assumed it was a sponsored event, prompting a company spokesperson to announce, "While Anheuser-Busch engages in a broad spectrum of marketing activities, we do not sponsor Miss Heart's act".

Busty Heart

Busty soon showed up at Busch Stadium during a St. Louis Cardinals game on May 6, 1990. She cavorted for the crowd and caused a huge distraction. Then she made the talk show rounds, and announced she would be at the next game. Busch and the stadium were trapped with two choices: allow Busty to continue her antics, or arrest her and risk being called prudes, giving her more publicity. They arrested her at the next game for "skipping around in a lewd manner", but the city of St. Louis was already abuzz with the blonde bombshell, who conveniently was touring at a local club.[11][12] The jury recommended a $150 fine each for Busty and her manager, for trespassing. [13]

Her other sporting event sightings include at a game of the former Hartford Whalers, causing the players to be "even more distracted from the game than usual".[14]

At a March 1989 game between the Celtics and New Jersey Nets in Hartford, fans paid more attention to Busty than the Net's mascot Duncan or the Jersey Girls cheerleaders. According to Busty, she was offered a job with the Nets after the game, but she refused.[9]

In March 1990, Willie Anderson of the San Antonio Spurs heard the crowd chanting, "Look to the left. Look to the left." He turned his head, "And there they were. Right in front of me." Ms. Heart was in attendance, and General Manager of the Spurs, Russ Bookbinder, was not pleased. Referring to a fan known as Morganna the Kissing Bandit, who sometimes sprinted onto the court and kissed a coach or player before running away, Bookbinder said, "Morganna's whole thing is kissing a coach or a player. What she does is not in bad taste. The way this girl (Heart) was dressed... it was sick." Busty agreed that she's not Morganna, "(she) runs out on the court. I don't do that. I'm a fan, I like to watch the game."[15]

Busty is a fan of the Boston Red Sox baseball team, and a cult hero to other fans because of her antics in the stadium, which tended to distract visiting teams. During the 1986 World Series, she moved from section to section, leading fans to cheer. Player Joe Sambito wanted an autograph, so five fans tipped Busty over the railing, and she signed the autograph upside down over the bullpen. While watching the autograph signing, Sambito commented, "Look, she's got double chins".[9]

She once joined a strike by Eastern Airlines personnel at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, saying "These guys need more support than I do". [16]

Among her most famous television appearances was on Comedy Central's The Man Show, where she demonstrated her talent for crushing beer cans by slamming her breasts on top of them.[17] Her other TV appearances are listed below.

Boobpedia reader interview

In March 2007, Busty Heart answered Boobpedia readers' interview questions. Her replies can be read on the discussion page.


  • For recreation, Busty fishes for bass and plays the organ.[5]
  • She would like to become an announcer for pro wrestling, because "they're unusual physical types I'd get along with".[5]
  • She was nicknamed "Busty" growing up.[5]
  • Among her many investments, she owns an island off the coast of Maine.[7]
  • She buys lobsters from stores, then takes them back to her island and lets them back into the sea.[7]
  • Busty Heart grew up near Heartbreak Hill, hence the name.[9]
  • She has fought with the Internal Revenue Service about claiming $5,000 worth of bras as a business expense every year.[18]
  • She's an active supporter of the American Lung Association.
  • As of 2008, she can now crush watermelons and bricks with her chest.


  • "I schedule [exotic dancing] carefully because my chest weighs about 40 pounds." [2]
  • "Some people try to be funny and they'll fall over, just to be noticed. And as I came down the runway a man fell over. He was 35. Everybody left him there. The next thing, the waitress walked over and she looked down and said he looked blue. He had died."[7]
  • "To Johnny Most, from the most." Busty Heart's autograph for radio host Johnny Most[3]
  • "If you're 6 feet, 5 inches or 7 feet tall, you usually play basketball. If you're built the way I am, I guess the best field is dancing or entertainment."[15]


Busty Heart
Busty Heart

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