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Have you seen a busty woman in a movie, or on a web site, but don't know her name? You want to find more videos and pictures of her, but it's impossible without a name. Welcome to the Boobpedia Identify her feature. Please follow the guideline below to create an ID page, and other Boobpedia users will try to help you with her identification.

  1. The name of the page must start with "ID", followed by where you saw the unknown woman. Add a number to the end if there is already an article with the same name.
    • For example, you saw an unknown actress in the movie Desert Passion 4. The page name would be ID Desert Passion 4.
    • Another example, if you saw an unknown model on the web site Big Tits Round Asses, and there are already two ID pages about models on that site, the name would be ID Big Tits Round Asses 3.
  2. ID professional performers or public figures only.
  3. Type your ID page name into the search box on the left, click "Go" (not "Search"). You will get a message that the page does not exist, and a link to create the article. Follow the link to create your article.
  4. At the very top of the page, add {{ID|year}} with the current year, which will add your new page to the list here. It should look like: {{ID|2008}}
  5. In the ID page, please give as much information as you can to aid in identification. This may include a detailed description of where and when she appears, her physical description, or a screen capture / photo.
  6. If you have an idea or answer for a particular ID page, add it to the bottom of that page (don't use the discussion page). You can date your comment with 5 tildes: ~~~~~.
  7. When you visit this site, check your watchlist to see if anyone has figured it out. If a correct identification is made, please add |done to the ID template at the top to archive it. Leave the request year the same. It should look like: {{ID|2008|done}}
  8. Take a look at the articles listed below and see if you can help too. If you come often, there is a identification recent changes list that you can check.
  9. Once identified, if the woman does not have a regular Boobpedia article we may create a new one for her.
  10. If you notice that all the links are dead and there is not enough information left for an unsolved case, please add |cold to the ID template at the top, to move it to the cold case category so that it does not waste the time of others. It should look like: {{ID|2008|cold}}

Requests are subcategorized by year below. If you notice the current year category is missing, please click on its redlink and add the [[Category:Identification needed]] to it, which will add it to the subcategory list below.

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