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Boobpedia's policies are easy to understand and strictly enforced.

  1. These policies may be updated or revised in the future, as the need arises.
  2. Violators of policy will usually receive warnings first, but in severe cases Boobpedia administrators reserve the right to ban a user or IP address without warning or explanation.
  3. Boobpedia is not for trading or storing photos, or pirating of any kind. Any photos uploaded must be used in an article. Photos not used by articles will be deleted. Users who are found to have uploaded an unreasonable number of unlinked photos will be blocked or banned. Any discussion on pirating (porn, software, etc.) will lead to permanent bans.
  4. Since most of Boobpedia's subjects are living people, extra care and sensitivity must be taken to write their articles. Negative or controversial information must be properly sourced, unsourced or poorly sourced negative information will be removed. A user who repeatedly posts unsourced or poorly sourced negative information, or who engages in slandering, will be banned. If you are the subject of one of the articles, and you find inaccurate information in the article, please contact an administrator about it.
    • The real name of a model must have a source. Boobpedia is implementing this policy to protect the privacy of models, so that Boobpedia will only list real names of models whose identities are already publicly known.
  5. A neutral point of view should be used when writing articles. If you wish to express how much you like or dislike a particular subject in Boobpedia, please use the discussion page instead of changing the article. While you can be critical of a subject, you cannot be abusive toward her. A comment like "she doesn't do it for me" is fine, but a comment like "that's one ugly bitch" is not.
  6. Only authorized bots may be used on Boobpedia. Unauthorized accounts displaying bot-like behaviour will be banned.
  7. Personal attacks on other users, and the use of demeaning or vulgar language anywhere on Boobpedia will lead to warnings and possibly banning. If you are the victim, or notice this behaviour, please notify an administrator instead of reponding to the perpetrator yourself.
  8. Do not lift articles from other web sites or sources verbatim, unless their copyright allows copying or you have obtained their permission. For example, Wikipedia articles can be copied here if the {{GFDL}} template is added to the end of the article.
  9. Images that you upload must follow Boobpedia copyright. Fair use images that you upload must include this template Template:Fair use (help on using the template). Fair use images must not exceed 800 pixels in the widest dimension. Only one fair use image is allowed in short articles. Magazine and video covers still need the Fair use template attached, but are exempt from the "one per article" rule in order to illustrate the products. Long articles may have more than one fair use image, but only to illustrate the appropriate text. Licensed or original images do not have this limitation. Fair use images should only be used when licensed images are not available.

For frequently asked questions, please see FAQ. For disclaimers, please see Boobpedia disclaimers.