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There are many terms that describe the talent of booby dancing: the ability for some women to flex, bounce, wiggle, and move their boobs up and down, side to side and even in circles without moving any other part of their bodies. Some of the more common phrases include tit flexing, boob tricks, boob control, boob bouncing, and pec flexing. In bodybuilding, it is called pec control. Boobpedia uses the term booby dancing, because there is a corresponding act called booty dancing, involving appropriately the buttocks.

A few women naturally know how to control their boobs, and those with under the muscle implants can almost always do boob tricks. Most women are not born with this talent, but can gain the ability with regular practice.

Booby dancing is a very poorly covered subject, and that is why Boobpedia has created this list for all busty women who are capable of this amazing trick. A brief description of a woman's muscle control abilities and links to online videos can accompany each name.

Below are names of women who are known to have the tit flexing ability. If you know another name, please add it to the list, sorted by first name. Blue links have articles; red links do not yet have articles. If you have questions or comments, please click the "discussion" tab at the top. You may also want to see Category:Booby dancers for a concise list of booby dancers with articles or to see List of booby dancers with performers images.

Known booby dancers

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Unknown booby dancers