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Ambox content.gif This template is used on 2,000+ pages.
To avoid any disruptions and to save server load, any changes should first be tested in this template's /sandbox or /testcases subpage, or in your own user space. The tested changes can then be added in one single edit to this template. As a courtesy to other users, please discuss any changes at the talk page before implementing them.


This template is used within {{Biobox new}} to prevent categories from being added if the biobox is used on other pages than articles.

Furthermore, it prevents categories from being added if the type parameter of the biobox is set to nonperformer or fictional.


In former biobox versions, if natural tits = yes, [[Category:Natural tits]] would have been executed.

If [[Category:Natural tits]] is replaced by {{c0|Natural tits|type={{{type}}}}}, the Natural tits category is only added if the biobox is displayed in an article.

If it is used on a category page (for example Category:Gréta Istvándi models, which includes Gréta Istvándi, the categories are not added. This prevents photographer categories or user pages with bioboxes from being listed in performer categories.