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This template

  • automatically converts US and European bra sizes and displays both,
  • automatically detects if you specify the band size (the number in the bra size) in inches (US) or centimeters (Europe),
  • automatically converts the "American DD" phenomenon to "standardised" bra sizes with single letters (e. g. DD = E, DDD = F), but preserves the original multiple letter cup size as well,
  • displays only the cup size if you do not specify the band size,
  • automatically adds a cup size and a bra size category to the page the template is used on (for cases in which categories are not desirable, see Categories).
  • displays an error if you
    • specify an unrealistic band size (e. g. a 26C bra does not exist),
    • specify an uneven band size (US) or a band size not divisible by 5 (Europe) (these do not exist),
    • do not specify a cup size (a single band size is useless).


The syntax is as follows:

{{bra size|band=<number>|cup=<text>|nocategory=<text>}}


  • Number. Unrealistic numbers lead to an error.
  • Optional. <number> or the whole parameter band=<number> can be omitted.
  • You do not have to specify if the number is a US or European measurement. The template sorts this out for you.


  • Letter or multiple letters.
  • Required.


  • Any text. You can use "1", "y" or whatever you like. As soon as the parameter has any content, no cup size category is added to your article.
  • Optional. <text> or the whole parameter nocategory=<text> can be omitted.
  • Important: It is highly recommended that you always specify this parameter if the cup size is not the current cup size of the model you are writing about. Otherwise an incorrect cup size category would be added (or a talk page you are just writing on would be listed in the cup size categories). For examples, see Categories.


US measurements (in)
{{bra size|band=34|cup=D}} 34D (75D)
{{bra size|band=34|cup=DD}} 34E (75E)  (same as DD cup)
{{bra size|band=33|cup=D}} Error: US band sizes must be even.
{{bra size|band=26|cup=D}} Error: Band size out of range.
European measurements (cm)
{{bra size|band=75|cup=D}} 34D (75D)
{{bra size|band=75|cup=DD}} 34E (75E)  (same as DD cup)
{{bra size|band=76|cup=D}} Error: European band sizes must be divisible by 5.
{{bra size|band=55|cup=D}} Error: Band size out of range.
Cup sizes
{{bra size|band=34|cup=F}} 34F (75F)
{{bra size|band=34|cup=FF}} 34G (75G)  (same as FF cup)
{{bra size|band=34|cup=FFF}} 34H (75H)  (same as FFF cup)
{{bra size|band=34|cup=ZZZ}} 34Z (75Z)  (same as ZZZ cup)
{{bra size|band=34|cup=B}} 34B (75B)
Required and optional parameters
{{bra size|cup=D}} D
{{bra size|cup=DD}} E  (same as DD cup)
{{bra size|band=34}} Error: Please specify a cup size or leave all parameters blank.
{{bra size|band=|cup=}}



The template can be used

  • in the bra/cup size field of the {{Biobox new}} template.
  • with both European/US cup sizes and Japanese "metric" cup sizes.
  • within an article: "In recent years, her bra size has increased to 36H (80H)."
Note: If you use {{Bra size}} for several bra sizes on a page, remember to set the nocategory parameter for cup sizes which you do not want to be added as a category. For details, see Categories.

The template cannot be used

  • in the Cup size field of the old {{Biobox}}. As the old Biobox tries to add a category named by the cup size entry, the result would be: [[:Category:34F (75F) cup|34F (75F)]]. Consider using {{Biobox new}} instead and enter the bra size in the bra/cup size field.

The following use is deprecated:

  • As the old {{Biobox}} did not have a bra/cup size field, the bra size was often entered in the measurements field: Measurements: 40-24-36 - 34F (75F). Consider using {{Biobox new}} instead and enter the bra size in the bra/cup size field.


{{Bra size}} adds subcategories of the following two categories to pages it is used on:

  • {{Bra size}} does not prevent you from entering a cup size smaller than C (not allowed on Boobpedia), but automatically marks the article as a page for deletion: {{bra size|band=34|cup=B}} gives "34B (75B)" and adds Category:Cup size smaller than C which is a subcategory of Category:Pages for deletion.
  • If you use {{Bra size}} for several bra sizes on a page, remember to set the nocategory parameter for cup sizes which you do not want to be added as a category. Example:
    After the surgery, her bra sized increased from {{bra size|band=34|cup=D|nocategory=1}} to {{bra size|band=34|cup=F}}.
    gives "After the surgery, her bra size increased from 34D (75D) to 34F (75F)."
    and adds only Category:F cup and Category:34F bra, but no category for D cup or 34D.


In order to keep the code clear and readable, this template uses two sub-templates:

  • {{Convert cup}}
    • converts double and triple letter cup sizes to normal ones,
    • returns a single letter cup size.
  • {{Split bra}}
    • detects if US or European band size is specified,
    • checks if band size is uneven or not divisible by 5,
    • returns both US and European bra sizes.

See also

  • {{Bra}} and {{Cup}} for a simplified syntax with the same functionality