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Busty 2006 Fantasy Fest participants

The Fantasy Fest is a street party held annually on the last week of October in Key West, Florida, USA. It started in 1979 as a party, but soon acquired a life of its own and grew to more than 100,000 visitors and participants. The celebration now lasts ten days and includes balls, costume competitions, AIDS fundraisers, bodypainting, drag queen contests and costume parties, culminating in a big parade where people wear humorous and fantasy outfits.

The clothing of the participants is often very revealing and comprises a great variety of erotic outfits, including deep cleavage, transparent and open bust clothes, painted breasts and bodies, pasties, nipple tape, nipple shields and nipple chains. Some participants simply go topless or wear only a bodypainting on their nude bodies.


A busty 2002 participant showing cleavage
A busty 2008 participant showing cleavage
A busty 2007 participant wearing a semi-transparent dress with deep cleavage

Transparent and open bust clothing

A busty 2008 wearing a see-through top
The "Pasties Lady" wearing a cupless torsolette in 2007
A busty 2007 participant wearing an open bust swimsuit
Photo: Bolton Perry
A busty 2008 participant wearing a breast bondage outfit


A busty 2005 participant with painted suspenders
Photo: David Epstein
A busty 2006 Fantasy Fest participant with painted breasts
April with a bodypainting by Pashur in 2007
A busty 2008 participant with painted breasts
A busty 2008 Fantasy Fest participant with painted chest and arms

Nipple decorations

A busty 2007 participant wearing pasties with tassels
A busty 2007 participant with taped nipples
The "Nipple Shields Lady" wearing nipple shields and an open bust outfit in 2006
Photo: Bolton Perry
A busty 2008 participant wearing nipple shields similar to the ones Janet Jackson wore during her wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show in 2004
A busty 2008 participant wearing a nipple chain

Topless and flashing

The "Brunette Lady" showing one breast...
...and later both in 2008.
Photo: Bolton Perry
Both natural (2008)...
...and fake breasts (2007) can be seen at the Fantasy Fest.


A few participants regularly appear at the Fantasy Fest and can be seen in many different galleries of the event.


April can usually be seen naked with various bodypaintings, mostly done by bodypainter Pashur, but covering her private parts with adhesive tape or a small patch — which does not keep her from presenting her genital piercings when they are not painted.

April sitting on bodypainter Pashur's knees with a half-ready bodypainting in 2006...
...and presenting the result in the street
April with visible patch in 2007
April simply showing her breasts in 2008


Cheri is an amateur who often visits the Fantasy Fest together with her husband Tony and has published many pictures of the outfits she was wearing at the event.

Cheri posing on the street in 2007, showing her Rolling Stones bodypainting
Cheri with her husband in 2007, wearing an open bust body and a pink wig
Cheri (right) wearing a transparent red dress in 2008, with a completely nude, but painted friend

Ms Michele

Ms Michele is an American glamour model who started modelling after pictures of her at the 2002 Fantasy Fest had been published on the web, unbeknownst to her.[1] From 1998 to 2006, she has attended every Fantasy Fest and hopes to return in 2009.[2] She can often be seen completely naked, only wearing a bodypainting (mostly without a protective patch, like the Naked Lady).

File:Ms Michele 2005 2.jpg
Ms Michele with a painted top, but real panties and stockings in 2005


MJ and her husband are amateurs and regular visitors of the Fantasy Fest, too, and show many galleries of their trips to the event on their website.

MJ (right) with a busty friend in 2006, both wearing open bust outfits and pasties
MJ (second to left) with painted breasts, together with Cheri (right) in 2007

Miss Lyn

Miss Lyn is a professional exotic dancer and busty model from Florida. She often visits Fantasy Fest, and can be seen in many different costumes, from somewhat covered to almost completely naked. She is known for her petite size - 5'2". 23" waist, 100 lb - and very large, augmented bust. Her promotional material states " a 32GG bra size".

File:Pirate at Fantasy fest 2009.jpg
Lyn dressed as a busty pirate at Fantasy fest 2007
File:IMGA0142 huge.jpg
Lyn wearing almost nothing on Friday night at Fantasy Fest
File:Big as my head.jpg
A marine comparing the size of Lyn's breast to his head for a photo
File:Fantasy Fest Open costume.jpg
At the BDSM party at Fantasy Fest 2009
File:Red Body Paint.jpg
IN the hotel lobby, with full body paint for the Red Party at FF 2008
Extreme cleavage in a Belly Dancing costume at FF 2009

Valerie Cormier

Valerie Cormier is an American bikini and adult model and wore one of the rare bikinis to be seen at the 2006 event. She also wore Gina's Gems pasties and later went with bare breasts, showing her pierced nipples.

Valerie Cormier wearing a transparent lace 312 Tri Top bikini in 2006
Photo: Bolton Perry
Valerie Cormier (right) with custom Gina's Gems pasties in 2006
Valerie Cormier showing her pierced nipples in 2006
Photo: Bolton Perry

Violetta Storms

Violetta Storms is an American adult model who showed a leopard bodypainting at the 2007 event.

The "Bodypainting Lady"

The "Bodypainting Lady" usually exposes her very large breasts covered by imaginative bodypaintings.

The "Bodypainting Lady" (right) with painted breasts in 2003
The "Bodypainting Lady" with a painted top in 2004
The "Bodypainting Lady" without bodypainting, wearing a transparent lace dress in 2004

The "Brunette Lady"

The "Brunette Lady" has been seen at the 2008 event, exposing her impressive bust in a satin dress and also in a painted bustier.

The "Brunette Lady" wearing her dress in 2008
The "Brunette Lady" with painted clothes on her naked body in 2008...
...and offering a rear view

The "Naked Lady"

The "Naked Lady" does not even use tape like April to cover her private parts, but usually presents herself fully naked with a painted body.

The "Naked Lady" in flames in 2008
The "Naked Lady" with stars in 2008
The "Naked Lady" with flowers in 2008

The "Nipple Shields Lady"

The "Nipple Shields Lady" is not known by name either, but also appears in different galleries of the Fantasy Fest. She always exposes her breasts and her nipple shields.

The "Nipple Shields Lady" wearing a shiny open bust swimsuit with matching top in 2006
The "Nipple Shields Lady" wearing an open bust outfit in 2006
The "Nipple Shields Lady" wearing an open bust swimsuit in 2003

The "Pasties Lady"

The "Pasties Lady" is not known by name, but seems to be a popular motif for photographers at the Fantasy Fest. She wears many different outfits and always shows her firm big breasts uncovered, but mostly wears pasties (many of them from Pastease) or a bodypainting. At the 2008 Toga Night, however, she went almost nude and showed her nipples.

The "Pasties Lady" wearing heart-shaped pasties in 2007
The "Pasties Lady" wearing plush pasties in 2007
The "Pasties Lady" wearing imitations of adhesive tape in 2008
Pasties: X
The "Pasties Lady" almost nude with nipple shield imitations at the Toga Night in 2008

The "Redhead Lady"

The "Redhead Lady" could be seen at nearly every Fantasy Fest since 2004 and wore many different outfits, including bodypainting and a nipple chain. She also appeared at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

The "Redhead Lady" wearing a transparent top in 2004
The "Redhead Lady" wearing a nipple chain under a transparent fishnet top in 2006
The "Redhead Lady" with a painted bikini in 2008
The "Redhead Lady" wearing an open bust body with pasties in 2008

The "Short Hair Lady"

The "Short Hair Lady" can be recognised by her bright smile. While she mostly covers her nipples with Gina's Gems pasties, she showed a little more than usual at the 2008 Fantasy Fest.

The "Short Hair Lady" wearing custom Gina's Gems pasties in 2007
The "Short Hair Lady" wearing custom Gina's Gems pasties in 2008
The "Short Hair Lady" partying in 2008...
...and showing what is underneath her thong

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