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I'm strongly against fake tits and will promote only natural figures. This is what talent scouts should be aiming at (and where Playboy fails today).
I'm strongly against tattoos and piercings (if you love woman's skin, how could you pierce it with some sharp metal things?).

Recommended babes:

I list only natural & shapely busts, promoting healthy figures. No silicone airbags nor fat hangers! Girls go at least topless. Girls picked based on bodies, not faces nor ethnicity; time travel mode: on (read - when said girls were in their prime).

All-Time Best Natural Bust + Hourglass Body:

...and the following women, in random order:

Other perfect natural breasts, in random order:

Other natural breasts you shouldn't miss:

To-Do list:

(but feel free to add them if you wish)
Gigi (domai), Daniel B [1], Katalin (Rebecca B @ met-art, Kate-R @ domai), LelaRae (deviantart), Belle Chere, Lenna (Irinka) [2], Susan Wood, Kamila Krynicka, Natalia Sirocka, Gabriella (hegre), Ariel / Paola [3], Elisa [4], Maria Eldridge, Sara Joy, Fuuka Takanashi, Joan Zinn / Margit Bardy, Derri Oakes, Patti Crocker, Laura (, Sophia Nikaido, Kristina [5], Ivy Manner, Jillian Valdisardottir (Cassandra Campbell FTV), Mary Jane Mayhem, Lily B. [6], Alena (18andbusty)[7], Chantal (18andbusty)[8], Susie Cooper (Mayfair), Arina (zemani), Gipsi A (met-art)[9], Ella (suburbanamateurs)