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Ambox content.gif This template is used on 2,000+ pages.
To avoid any disruptions and to save server load, any changes should first be tested in this template's /sandbox or /testcases subpage, or in your own user space. The tested changes can then be added in one single edit to this template. As a courtesy to other users, please discuss any changes at the talk page before implementing them.


This template helps to eliminate all the {{#switch:{{{1}}}|Y|y|YES|yes|Yes=...}} terms in biobox templates making them easier to read.

Just type {{#if:{{yes|{{{parameter|}}}}}|...}} and you can be sure

  • that the parameter is not empty
  • that it contains Y, y, YES, yes or Yes.

The template gives back "Yes" if the parameter is Y, y, YES, yes; otherwise it gives back nothing.

This helps to cope with entries like "anal = no" for the new biobox. Otherwise, as there is something entered for "anal", it would have appeared in the biobox as if "anal" was "yes".

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