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Natural ?

Ok, so I have a question, if Leanne Crow is all natural as is claimed on numerous sites, why does she have scars under her breasts...?

It looks like they've been covered up by makeup and the one on her left breast is easier to see when they're moving (IE watching the vid), but they are there.

Stop removing the natural option!

Here is a better site to prove that she is all natural, but I can't add her to the ref-list:

Breast implants ?


Athanatophobos March 6, 2013

You must be right. In this picture : we can see a scar under her right breast. I will delete "natural ref".

  • Leannec2.jpg


I don't see any scars.

User 2072: I must admit, I don't see them either in the picture to the left, but they ARE visible in the imageshack picture at the top.


In the picture that I shew you wecan see a scar under her right breast. You can't see it ??


Sorry, but that doesn't look like a scar.


User2072: I've just read an interesting comment on

"The one people are talking about as being ‘Enhanced’ is Leanne Crow, her boobs are not only unnaturally perky, but also when she previously was a double G cup one of her breasts was very noticably larger then the other, now they’re larger K cups and equal in size." - Anon

Now, I'm no expert on Macromastia and Gigantomastia, but typically when a woman has one breast larger than the other and she later increases in size (either through natural growth or weight gain) the difference between the two breasts usually increases, but as pointed out by 'anon' they're now equal (almost anyway).

I'm guessing Ms. Crow had a fair sized pair to start with (GG cups) and didn't like the difference, and so had implants in each to increase their size and balance them out.

Admittedly it's just speculation at this point, but combined with the picture of the makeup covered implant scars and I'm thinking they're definitely enhanced.


I'm not sure how everyone can agree they are implants. They don't have the shape of fake and don't move like them either. Everything about them looks natural. The 'scar' under them looks very much to me like a rash, naturally large breasted women get them under their breasts regularly due to the overhanging of skin and heat. The growth difference can also be explained away. Breasts don't grow evenly and if they hadn't reached their full size (which at GG they hadn't) one would more than likely be bigger than the other. The only downside to this is that they've stopped growing at KKs! ~The Baron


Look at the shape of her tits in this pic. It's pretty clear to everyone that there is an implant shell inside her brasts.

--Drakonov 12:38, 11 March 2013 (EDT)

Sorry, but don't waste our time with pics they don't proof anything.


your link doesn't work ;(


I am really doubt it, that the site in the link really exists


I changed your link and we can see it now ^^


@Real, a rash REALLY?

A rash is reddened skin, not a line shaped protruision (on each breast), and her breasts 'were' different sizes, the left was larger than the right (when she was GG), now however they're almost the same size at KK.

Breasts DO grow unevenly yes, it's actually common, but that difference continues and is amplified as the breasts grow larger (the difference becomes more and more pronounced), in Leannes case however the reverse is true, the difference has actually reduced... That doesn't normally happen, except with the assistance of a surgeons scalpel.

I delete the fake info on her breast cuz there no proof for it.


OK, I've uploaded a small clip of the video from which the Imageshack image was taken:

I had to upload it to anonfiles because dailymotion only would allow it in really low quality (It's a .RAR of a .WMV BTW, and there's no sound).

If you watch her breasts you can see there are two lines crossing each of them, one larger line is a crease where her breasts have been marked by her bra cup and that's perfectly normal with breasts that large, however below them there are very short lines that protrude from the breast... They look a hell of a lot like implant scars covered by makeup to me.


Hm, I see the lines you are referring to but would those not also be made from having several attempts at making that shot by putting the bra on and off again and holding it against the skin? I agree very much that they look like scars covered by make-up but the proof just isn't in the end product to me. They look, act and move like real boobs. I have never seen implants that size that move as 'organically'.


Ordinarily I'd agree with you, but those smaller lines are protruding (they stick out from the breats) as oppsed to the usual indentations created by the bra cup, seen in the longer line (look at the way the shadow falls on the marks, it's reversed for the larger line).

I think she had a fairly large pair to begin with and just had them 'boosted' to even out the size difference, as the implant is smaller it's much less noticable, because it's covered by a large real breast.

See: Julia Miles for an example (hers are more noticable, but if done smaller they'd be virtually undetectable).

Hmm, I read on a MyBoobSite article that Leanne Crow lost weight some time ago... But her breasts actually 'increased' in size, given that boobs are in general composed primarily of fat, I'd like to know how that's possible.

Leanne Crow's Magnificent Mammaries

Well, there's a lot of debate on here about Leanne Crow's boobs, and as you've all established, they aren't natural. The thing is, they're not exactly fake either.

The procedure used is know as a "lipofiller", which is where fat is essentially harvested from some part of her body (probably her belly) and inserted somewhere else on her body (boobs and possibly ass). This means that her breasts are enlarged, but enlarged with natural tissue which is why they move so well. This is also why her breasts tend to increase in size when she loses weight.

This probably also explains models like September Carrino, whose boobs increased sharply in size.

It's a risky procedure, because it can cause cysts and infections when it goes wrong, but in this case, props to her surgeon. He has helped to create some of the best breasts on the planet.

Jack of Spades 11:56, 3 April 2014 (EDT)

Didn't September Carrino have a baby at some point? The Honorable 18:54, 3 April 2014 (EDT)
Yes, September Carrino had a baby. And no, Leanne Crow did not have any "lipofiller" surgery. That's quite an active imagination you have there, Jack. Jalabi 04:15, 6 April 2014 (EDT)

The marks are not scars

The marks under her breasts are from the skin being constantly creased. They're the same marks that everyone has ond the other sides of their elbows and on their wrists.

I don't know if you've read the conversation above, but as has already been established, skin creases leave depressed lines, not protruding ones. Also PinUpFiles is notorious for lying about their models (overstating cup size, ETC) User2072

PinupFiles isn't the only company that advertises her as natural. In fact, just about every company that she has modeled for does. I highly doubt that not a single one is correct.


User 2072, I do agree that PinUpFiles do not always state model's correct bust size. But in fact, in most cases they are actually guilty of underselling their models! Because in most cases the models themselves don't really know their bra size, they tend to overstate the band size and understate the cup size. So in many cases the models are actually bigger than they quote! Lilmo89 09:43, 27 April 2014 (EDT)

'PinupFiles isn't the only company that advertises her as natural. In fact, just about every company that she has modeled for does. I highly doubt that not a single one is correct.' - Most companies don't bother to check, so they wouldn't know.


@Lilmo89, I don't know about that, PinUpFiles stated that Rachel Aldana was an M cup long before she was pregnant and still actually only an L cup.


User 2072 - I said most and many cases that they were understating cup size and overstating band size, not all cases. And in the case of Rachel Aldana, the claims about her cup size were coming from Rachel herself. She could quite conceivably have been an M cup at some point before she became pregnant, girls boobs do vary in size over time, and not always just in one direction, but I'm not the judge of that. But for example there is no way on God'e earth that Jana Defi is just 32G, Danielle Riley is certainly not 36DDD ( in fact she admitted in Nuts in 2012 that she had been fitted as 30H), Lorna Morgan is not 36HH but 30JJ and Miriam Gonzalez is definitely not 36FF Lilmo89 18:17, 1 May 2014 (EDT)


@Lilmo, I agree with you about those models not being the stated size, but PinUpFiles favours FishEye Lens, odd angle camera tricks and Photoshopping... So judging a models exact size or the nature of their boobs from anything of theirs becomes impossible, obviously if there are videos of the model measuring her boobs that's a different matter.

User2072 should stop removing the Pinupfiles-Ref!

PinUpFiles is invalid as a reference, due to misreprentation of models.

Sorry, dude! Don't waste my time with your thoughts!

It's not my thoughts, 'the don't post unless you have absolute proof' was put in by TheHonourable IE one of the Admins.

Sorry, dude! But all sites I found say she is real and I don't have any doubt about it!

All the sites chuck information to one another, if the original one is wrong, then they're all wrong... None of them bother to check.

In addition to which there are a number of discrepancies regard the nature of Miss Crow's boobs (too perky for age+size, unusual scars, difference in sizes at GG cup disappearing), we don't know for certain, which is why there is no Y or N on the natural boobs, if you have high-res photographs of the underside of her boobs or if you have some medical evidence that her boobs are real, post it and use THAT as a reference.

Her tits are natural

Fake tits doesn't bounce like jelly as she's boobs jiggles: [2]

--AsteroidJuice 04:08, 30 July 2015 (EDT)

They do if they're small implants beneath a large natural breasts... Consider this, in all the women on this site with breasts that are of a similar size, none of them have breasts that are quite as firm or as perky as Ms. Crows, outside of those who are 'enhanced'. - User2072

I think they are natural.

In my opinion, Leanne's boobs must be natural. Fake ones just do not move like that. I think she is a lovely girl!Natural Ones (talk) 09:39, 1 September 2016 (EDT)