Double Air Bags 28

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Double Air Bags 28

Double Air Bags 28
Type: Video (27 in 29 in series)
Color.gif Color
Release date(s): July , 2010
Running time: 102 minutes
Company: Channel 69
Directed by: Urbano
Starring: Lee, Juliana Jolene, June Summers, Kitti Lynxxx
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Double Air Bags 28 is an XXX video released 2010 by Channel 69. It stars Lee, Juliana Jolene, June Summers, and Kitti Lynxxx.

DVD Description

Another boob fest bonanza with silicon sucking and fucking! Four scenes featuring sexy women with huge tits, and sexy round butts that were made to be pounded until they turn pink. If big boobies are your thing and you don't give a shit if they're real or not, then this DVD is for you!

Scene breakdowns

  1. Scene 1. Kitty Lynxxx, guy
  2. Scene 2. Lee, guy
  3. Scene 3. June Summers, guy
  4. Scene 4. Juliana Jolene, guy