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Models who have appeared for FTV Girls. FTV is a pornographic site featuring photos and videos of models masturbating. The site's models are typically younger than 25, appear with shaved genitals, and are often shown engaging in extreme acts of masturbation, such as self-fisting, lesbian fisting, or the use of big dildos. FTV gained fame for the use of the FTV Toy, a butt plug with 9 inch girth used by models on the site for vaginal penetration; and the FTV Monster, a 16 inch long, 8 inch girth phallic dildo. In the site's early days, the FTV Challenge was a competition that involved models masturbating with progressively larger toys, culminating with the FTV Monster. Recently, FTV has featured hardcore sex content with the girls engaging in oral and vaginal intercourse with the site's founder.

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